AGHS 2020 Photo Competition

As part of the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of its establishment, the Australian Garden History Society invites entries in our inaugural Garden History Photo Competition (closing date 17 July 2021).

Entries should reflect the aims of the Australian Garden History Society and could range from a ‘historical property or landscape’ to garden history in the making: to promote awareness and conservation of significant gardens and cultural landscapes.

Entry is open to any person (entrants under 18 require approval of parent or guardian) anywhere in the world (AGHS membership is not required). Images submitted must be taken by the entrant.

Participants are invited to submit one digital photograph only (in colour, black and white, sepia, etc) along with a brief description (up to 150 words) that describes the subject and how it illustrates ‘garden history’, in one or more of the following categories:

Garden view or cultural landscape – Photographs may include building or hard landscaping, including public landscaping and places like cemeteries. If a private house or garden (other than your own), you must obtain permission of the owner, and confirm this when submitting. Street views, as well as long-distance shots of houses and images of public buildings, parks and National Trust properties, can be accepted without ‘owner permission’. Indicate if the image is of a National Trust (or similar) property on the entry form (See Rule 5).

Still life composition (garden tools, books, sheds, flowers, etc). This category can include cyanotypes.

A gardener or gardeners taken under COVID-19. This is our chance to capture gardeners during the extraordinary circumstances of 2020. To submit images that show identifiable faces, you must obtain permission from the person(s) photographed.

The lawn (can include lawn maintenance equipment) is a special category for 2020, as part of the celebration of the proposed Australian Museum of Gardening (Carrick Hill, South Australia) exhibition “The Blade”, which is scheduled to tour in Australia in 2020 and 2021.

Garden history imagined – Entrants can use various photographic tools, filters etc to make composite pictures, cyanotypes etc that capture the competition theme.

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