Cultivating the maidenhair and the maiden fair    Timothy Hubbard

An exploration of the social role of the late nineteenth-century conservatory.


H.V. McKay Gardens, Sunshine: an industrial garden 100 years on    Bill Bampton

Established in 1909 as a community garden for workers and residents of Sunshine, the H.V. McKay Memorial Gardens are currently being conserved following years of neglect.


Exploration in landscape design theory Part two: defining the term ‘garden’    Jeannie Sim

The second in a series of explorations of landscape design theory.


Profile: Sue Ebury


‘Cultivating Australia Felix: Geelong conference report, 16–18 October 2009    Pamela Bell


Post-conference tour report    Cecelia Clarke


Documents on Australia’s garden history: Walling published in the UK (1953)    Richard Aitken

A study of a hitherto unpublished document written by Edna Walling


Edna Walling Tour    Trisha Dixon