Bellfield and Rossmore: forgotten associations from Thomas Shepherd to Hardy Wilson    Carol Liston
Despite few tangible remains, the garden at Bellfield enjoys rich historical associations.


The Romantic ethos (1700–1900)    Elizabeth Barlow Rogers
The tenets, tendencies, and attributes, that form the complex ethos called Romanticism.


The garden at Titanga    Val Lang
The history of the garden at Titanga’s.


A stroll through a lost Sydney garden: Cairnsfoot, Arncliffe (1884–1955)    John Pearman
A reconstruction of the historic Sydney garden Cairnsfoot at Arncliffe.


Still on the trail of Edna Walling    Trisha Dixon
Reflection on Walling’s place in the history of an Australian gardening ethos.


A profile of AGHS National Management Committee member Dr Jan Schapper.


Netscape: Significant landscape features of Orange, NSW


Garden history in the United Kingdom    Janet Waymark