Pictorial – Wombat Park

Wombat Park is a 181 hectare property located just outside Daylesford, Victoria, a popular rural destination for those escaping the city for the weekend or looking for a relaxed lifestyle in a culturally rich locale.

The gardens of Wombat Park are noted for the impressive selection of mature trees in the ‘old garden’ established by William E Stanbridge from the early 1850s and the ‘new garden’, created by his daughter Florence to complement the distinctive Edwardian homestead designed by Rodney Alsop in 1910.

Images and information are drawn from several sources:

  • Brooke Family (last descendants of Stanbridge to live at Wombat Park)
  • National Trust (Victoria)
  • Miffy Gilbert’s final thesis Conservation Analysis & Management Plan Wombat Park Daylesford: Bachelor of Applied Science (Horticulture) 1994, University of Melbourne, Burnley Campus
  • Simon Griffiths images captured over several years and seasons
  • State Library of Victoria photograph collection (J T Collins)

This photographic study consists of 7 image sets:

The Wombat Park site map shows some of the key features presented in the images.  Click here or on the map to start the full slide show.

Pictorial curated by Trevor Pitkin.

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