Carmel O’Halloran

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Carmel O’Halloran interviewed on 22 September 2022 by Patsy Vizents



Carmel was born in Narrogin in WA’s wheat belt area and spent a lot of time during her school holidays on family and friends’ farms.   Her family is still connected to the original farm where her father was born and raised. The farm, Cherry Tree was one of the properties that delegates visited when attending the 2014, AGHS Conference held in Albany and many members will remember the delightful garden that surrounded the old farm house at Cherry Tree.

Carmel has been an office-bearer with the WA Branch of the AGHS and was attracted to the Society through her love and knowledge of plants, her employment in nurseries and teaching in WA’s TAFE (Murdoch) horticulture courses. Her special skill was in plant nomenclature.