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Interview Transcript Bob and Kerrie Crothers 8 Dec 2017 by Liz Chappell with Jenny Sloman



For over fifty years, Bob and Kerrie Crothers have promoted the joy of gardening and the importance of conserving our horticultural heritage, through the restoration and refurbishment of two historic homesteads and gardens in the Glen Innes district; Rangers Valley Station and Rosecroft.

Bob’s family moved to Rangers Valley in 1952. Kerrie arrived after marriage in 1958. They preserved the historic homestead garden, enhanced by Bob’s mother and created a significant contemporary garden around the new homestead. In 1991 they moved to Rosecroft on the outskirts of Glen Innes, which was already surrounded by a significant garden established by the Digby family in the 1930s. This garden opened for Australia’s Open Garden Scheme and many social functions.

In this interview Bob and Kerrie discuss gardening in the New England climate, which plants and trees thrive, and give credit to the gardeners who assisted and mentored them.