Pictorial – Goronga

Goronga was established by William Thorpe Raleigh and his descendants from 1889 in Pakenham Upper and remains in family hands. The Australian Garden History journal - October 2021 edition features an article by Tim Gatehouse about the history of Goronga.

The gardens, or perhaps more appropriately the landscape at Goronga, supports an impressive selection of mature trees both adjacent to the house as well as along driveways and windbreaks. Some specimens are remarkable at state level for their scale and condition. You can click here to view Barrie Gallacher’s Goronga Garden Plans in PDF format.

Heritage images and background information were provided by Elizabeth Fraser, descendant of William Raleigh and current owner/occupier of Goronga. Contemporary images were created by Trevor Pitkin.

The images have been grouped as follows:

The Goronga site map shows some of the key features presented in the images.  Click here or on the map to start the full slide show.

Pictorial curated by Trevor Pitkin.

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