Bill Swan

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Bill Swan interviewed on 14 June 2017 by Liz Chappell


Bill Swan grew up at Byron Station, Inverell in Northern NSW where he lived at the time of the interview. His grandparents purchased Byron in 1915. Bill recounts the history of this significant pastoral holding since European settlement in 1837. He describes the structure of the homestead, including the original sections of the building, various modifications and the development of the surrounding gardens, although his interests and the interview are mostly to do with the farm structure and the social history of the property and of Inverell in the early 20th century. He describes photographs of the homestead and gardens since the 1890s and mentions that a lot of researchers have been interested in the house and gardens of this place.

The property is linked to the MacIntyre family and George Cruikshank as previous owners and there are stories of innovative moments of technology traced through Byron including the carbine gas lighting system and the first motor car purchased by Bill’s Grandfather, John Swan.