Western Australia

Heritage rose displays from the event ‘Roses of Woodbridge, Heritage Roses from Charles Harpers Nursery’. The event was a collaboration at Woodbridge between the WA AGHS, Heritage Roses in Australia and the National Trust Woodbridge Volunteers.

Welcome to the Western Australia Branch. Our Branch has approximately 75 members throughout the state. We conduct numerous events throughout the year, including lectures and garden visits. Members and guests are welcome to all events. We communicate with our members by newsletter, emails and the AGHS website for all events.

Branch Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Recent events

Our recent events have included visits to the historic property Berkshire Valley on 11 July and our AGM held at Falls Farm on 11 August.

Berkshire Valley (Photo: L. Tang)

Branch Committee

Chair: John Viska (johnviska@gmail.com)
Secretary: Lynette Petersen
Treasurer: Max Stewart
NMC Representative: Patsy Vizents
Membership: Sue Monger
Website & Newsletter: Lyn Oliver
General Committee: Ros Stewart