Vicki, Jonathan and Michael Taylor

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Interview Transcript Vicki, Jonathan and Michael Taylor 16 May 2018 by Marilyn Pidgeon with  Lynne Walker


This interview records the tree restoration work of the Taylor family at ‘Terrible Vale’, Kentucky, NSW.

Since the 1960s three generations of the Taylor family have developed programmes to reverse the damaging effects of earlier agricultural practices and changing weather patterns on tree cover and wildlife. Over sixty years first modest, then large-scale, experimentation and planting trials have transformed the property. The owners have travelled widely in search of plant material and knowledge and have generously shared their wealth of experience. Charles Massy, author of Cry of the Reed Warbler, said of the Taylor’s vision that they are ‘a family of landscape managers who were virtually catapulted into becoming national leaders in addressing the New England eucalypt dieback story.’