Pictorial – Yantaringa

The court gardens at Yantaringa are notable for their connection with the significant public figure, Sir Herbert Olney MLC, and for the original garden's success in public competitions in the 1920s. Olney was inspired by a visit to Queensland, and on return, with the assistance of an unknown landscape gardener, his miniature wonderland was laid out. His wife Annie was very active in fundraising for charities through events at the intriguing property, while Olney staged bowling tournaments for similar purposes.

Images and information for this pictorial are drawn from four principal sources:

  • Heidelberg Historical Society (Olney era images, late 1920s early 1930s)
  • Heidelberg Historical Society (post-bowling green era images, est 1940s)
  • Trevor Pitkin collection (contemporary images, 2022-2023)
  • Title information from Landata

The images have been grouped as follows:

  • ‘Development Path’ - the various stages the property has passed through from bare allotment through to the present
  • ‘Olney Years’ - the garden at its peak, an ‘Ivanhoe Elysium’, winning garden competition
  • ‘New builds’ - the addition of apartments in the mid 1930s changes the grounds significantly
  • ‘Contemporary’ - the garden today, following an AGHS working bee to make visible again the original hard landscaping elements of the 1920s

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Pictorial curated by Trevor Pitkin.

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