The caves reserves: forerunners of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park        Gillian Lilleyman
A major attraction of the Margaret River region, WA, is the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. Comprising multiple reserves stretching over 120 km, the park has been inextricably linked to tourism since its inception. When this land was first set aside, caves were the drawcard.

Garthowen: Elizabeth Salmon’s garden        Barb Stockton
Garthowen, in the south-west region of Margaret River, WA, is a 5-ha property with a notable history. The farmhouse is surrounded by an historic garden, the bones of which date back to a post‑Second World War garden created by Elizabeth Salmon.

Paul Sorensen gardens in the New England district        Liz Chappell and Stuart Read, with assistance from Bill Oates
Paul Sorensen is best remembered for the gardens he created in the Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands of New South Wales between the 1920s and the 1970s. Yet his long career spanned much of NSW, from the Illawarra almost to the Queensland border, and into the ACT. The take-up of his advice by clients or ‘patrons’, as Sorensen called them, varied significantly. In the New England district he has left a faint but indelible signature.

Resurrecting Anlaby’s grand conservatory: The ongoing restoration of a late Victorian garden in South Australia        Samuel Doering
Anlaby is an English-style country estate on the northern end of the Barossa Valley, SA. On the north side of the homestead sits a series of low walls dotted with ornate circular vents and floors laid with imported encaustic tiles. These walls once formed the base of a magnificent conservatory built in the early 1890s for visionary gardener, Henry Dutton. Though much of the structure was torn down in the 1960s, efforts are now underway to resurrect this gleaming Victorian masterpiece.

The pandanus: The plant that commands Queensland’s coast        Glenn Cooke
There are 37 species of pandanus in Australia, of which Pandanus tectorius is the largest species in size. It flourishes along Queensland’s eastern seaboard from Cape York and south to Port Macquarie in New South Wales.

Between the tropics and temperate zone: Some plants of Norfolk Island        Angela Low
Norfolk Island has 182 native plants, of which 40 species are endemic. Plants on the island have links with earlier travellers to the island, as do other islands visited by Polynesian seafarers.

Profile Robyn Oates: Chair, AGHS ACT Monaro Riverina Branch

For the bookshelf: Plants of the Qur’ān: History and Culture by Shahina A Ghazanfar, illustrated by Sue Wickison  Reviewed by Clare Gleeson
This is a lovely book simply to dip into or to delve in deeper and engage with the lavishly illustrated, informative text.

For the bookshelf: The Beauty of the Flower: The Art and Science of Botanical Illustration by Stephen A Harris  Reviewed by Beverly Allen
This excellent book demonstrates the relevance of botanical illustration to communicating plant sciences and their importance in addressing the global challenges faced by the natural world. It is presented, like a good illustration, in an extremely accessible manner.

Advocacy: An AGHS advocacy toolkit         Anne Claoue-Long and Stuart Read
The AGHS Advocacy Toolkit has been developed to help members approach and deflect direct and indirect threats to gardens and landscapes. This comprehensive toolkit is a step-by-step guide to running an effective campaign.

Advocacy: The dangers of plastic turf        Roslyn Burge
Plastic turf is made up of ‘forever chemicals’, have detrimental environmental effects; moreover, they are completely out of place on a heritage site.

AGHS expertise helps to restore an historic garden in Melbourne        Trevor Pitkin
After being approached by residents of Yantaringa Court, the AGHS Victoria Branch succeeded in peeling back the layers of creepers, weeds and over-ambitious specimens to reveal the main garden elements, established a century ago by Yantaringa’s original owner, Sir Herbert Olney. A detailed report has been presented to residents. The residents can now confidently address the project over time with detail in hand.

AGHS national oral history collection: Mark Geeves
Mark Geeves talks about his life as horticultural educator and a Tasmanian native plant and exotic plant expert.

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