Jocelyn Mitchell

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Interview Transcription Jocelyn Mitchell 26 May 2003 by Jane Holth


Jocelyn Mitchell discusses how she became involved as a gardener and member of the Australian Garden History Society through moving to and living at Mawallock, a large property near Beaufort in Victoria, famed as having a Guilfoyle-designed garden. The property is heritage listed with the Victorian National Trust for various reasons, including the garden design by William Guilfoyle.

Jocelyn discusses her involvement with the AGHS and some of the activities of the Victorian Branch of the Society. She mentions many of the early participants and influential members of the Society from the 1980s when the Society was formed. These include Howard Tanner, Sophie Ducker, David Yencken, Tim North, and Fairy Neilson, She also mentions that she ran a nursery for a time, featuring the sorts of plants and trees inspired by living and working in the Guilfoyle garden at Mawallock.