Garden archaeology in Australia    Andrew Sneddon
Garden archaeology is a relatively new discipline in Australia although it has already been applied to many significant sites with great success and holds promise of further applications.
On the origin of an icon: researching a history of the rotary clothes hoist    Cas Middlemis
Writing a history of the rotary clothes hoist has proved a fascinating challenge in the face of diffuse and far-flung documentation, myth, and the inevitable pressures of modernisation on the archaeology of the backyard.
Ruins and the embrace of nature    John Dwyer
The processes of nature have a profound effect on ruins and how we interpret them as cultural sites, with romantic 18th and 19th century approaches differing markedly from more clinical mid to late-20th century conservation techniques.
Reconstructing the scrolls and parterres of Melbourne’s Carlton Gardens    Angela Hill
Major aspects of the reconstruction of the original layout of the parterre and scroll garden beds in Melbourne’s Carlton Gardens are discussed with particular emphasis on the archaeological investigations and their implications for the reconstruction.
Documents on Australia’s garden history: Flat roofs and roof gardens (1907)    Richard Aitken
Roof gardens have recently re-emerged from a period of quiescence, yet they were already a talking point in Australia much earlier than that.
Two historic gardens of the Tumbarumba region, New South Wales    Jill Scheetz
Drawing on memories, oral histories, and sifting through archaeological and other documentary evidence, unearthed histories of Lochinvar’s remnant landscape and the lost landscape of Bungarimbal.
Netscape: Picture Australia
Profile: Keith Jorgensen

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