Water dreaming      Ruth Morgan
The nexus between water availability, garden design, and politics has never been far from the surface in Australia and shows every promise of remaining closely linked for many years to come.

Engaging with the colonial landscape      Henry Skerritt
In the exhibition Experimental Gentlemen curator Henry Skerritt questioned the relevance of colonial society for a contemporary audience.

Art, science, and the botanical image      Dominic Redfern

‘To create beauty’: Robert Boyle and the Australian landscape      Dimitri Serghis
Robert Boyle continues to evolve his own distinctive Australian style drawing on the legacy of the pioneers of a natural design ethos in Australian landscaping.

Divercity      Yan Zhao and Akihito Hatayama
Two recent graduates of landscape architecture share their vision for the future of local gardens and the community.

The photographic garden      Jessica Hood
Guided by archival and contemporary images we journey through influences on artistic practice that seek to locate and define the relationship between photography and the garden.

Profile: Mike Evans

‘Gardens of a Golden Era’: 2012 Ballarat Conference

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