Handle with care: collectable glass for the garden      John Viska
How many of us could identify a fairy light, a celery glass, a wasp trap, a boutonniere, or that great rarity, a cucumber straightener? Enter into the arcane world of horticultural glass.
The Old Mole and his tools: a man and his mission      Richard Bird
The Old Mole collection of gardening tools and implements is in a state of flux – its creator reminisces about its formation, his passion for collecting, and the collection’s future.
Victorian-era garden edging tiles      Trisha Arbib
The story of garden edging tiles, detective work, graveyards, and obsessives.
Swanning around: the tyre swan in the Australian garden      Richard Heathcote
The tyre swan is a distinctively Australian garden ornament although the ornithology and habitat of this endangered species is, as yet, improperly studied.
Claude Crowe and his collections      Chris Webb and Charlotte Webb
Claude Crowe has left a legacy through his life and work in gardens throughout the Southern Highlands and southern New South Wales as well as an extensive collection of personal and business records and a living collection in his nursery.
Remembering Helen Proudfoot      Penelope Pike
A remembrance of Helen Proudfoot, an erudite historian of architecture and town planning in Australia, and significant contributor to Australian garden history.
Profile: Tony Whitehill
A profile of new honorary life member Tony Whitehill, the first member to have been thus honoured.
Myall Park Botanic Garden, Glenmorgan, Queensland      Nita C. Lester
Myall Park Botanic Garden, an all-Australian native plant garden, demonstrates a high level of technical achievement through the work of David Gordon in procuring, growing, and propagating Australian plants.

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