The landscape of Australian garden history     Andrea Gaynor
The Garden History Society, established in Britain in 1966, is currently consolidating fruitful links with kindred organisations, providing a useful model for co-operative partnerships.
Garden history, heritage conservation, and interpretation      Dominic Cole
The various approaches to Australian garden history are increasingly extending beyond a traditional antiquarian viewpoint to embrace the disciplines of urban, cultural and environmental history.
Linking erudition and pleasure in garden history     Laura Mayer
Erudition and pleasure are not mutually exclusive and garden historians can engage with new audiences by presenting research in an enjoyable manner, making scholarship accessible and inclusive.
Garden history is much more than plants and landscapes     Andrea Wulf
Writing for a general audience requires special skills, marrying detailed archival research with experience in the field, all presented in lively and accessible prose.
Valuing past, present, and future in garden history’s continuum     Trisha Burkitt
People and places of our memory inspire our appreciation of gardens and imbue garden history with a wonderful continuum from a remembered past to an uncertain future.
Writing the garden into History     Twigs Way
Garden history has often divided along academic and popular lines, yet there is much to be said for an approach that marries the best of both.
Old gardens, new media     Paige Johnson
Recent advances in digital technology have seen an exponential rise in the use of electronic communication as a form of social media, and garden history is gasping at its potential.
Australian Garden History 1989 to 2013     Roslyn Burge
Building on the foundations of its predecessors, Australian Garden History celebrates its jubilee volume this year and its contents have closely mirrored the interests of Australian Garden History Society members and its wider readership.
A national review of inventories of historic gardens, trees, and landscapes     Annabel Neylon & Timothy Hubbard
A recent report commissioned by the Australian Garden History Society provides a national review of inventories of historic gardens, trees, and landscapes to guide the conservation of this significant cultural resource.

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