Overland from Perth to Albany: a journey of botanical intrigue    John Charles Ryan
The journey from Perth to Albany – a pleasure to be enjoyed by delegate to the 2014 AGHS annual conference – has long been a beguiling byway of botanical intrigue.
Oline Richards: ‘winds of change’    Leonie Matthews
Oline Richards was amongst our pioneering garden historians and this outline of her life and work celebrates the valuable contribution she has made to our evolving understanding of Australia’s designed landscapes.
Look Here! The environmental pgotography of Kurt Veld    Atlanta Veld
Latvian-born photographer Kurt Veld (1931-2011) enjoyed a significant career in advertising, including a striking environmental photo essay for John Button’s edited book Look Here! (1968).
Tree Advocacy: a possible role for the Australian Garden History Society    Caroline Grant
Advocacy for trees as part of our designed landscapes is vital, yet complex issues mean that effective action is often difficult to achieve.
Museum musings
Every gardener wants a medal: small treasures from The Old Mole Collection    Caroline Berlyn
Among the many hundreds of gardening tools and implements donated to Carrick Hill by Richard Bird (aka The Old Mole) of Armidale, NSW, are some small and unexpected treasures in the form of three presentation medals.
Conference Report
‘Gardens with Altitude’: some personal reflections    Jill Wran
Australian poet Judith Wright’s words formed the theme of the Australian Garden History Society’s 34th annual conference – ‘Gardens with Altitude: The high lean country of New England’ – held in Armidale, NSW 18 -21 October 2013, with visits to gardens throughout the New England region.
Profile: Ruth Morgan
Now a lecturer in the history department of Monash University in Melbourne, but hailing orginally from Western Australia, Ruth Morgan was elected to the National Management Committee at the recent AGHS Annual General Meeting at Armidale.
Melbourne’s Royal Park under threat    John Taylor
Melbourne’s Royal Park, a place of outstqanding cultural significance, is under grave threat from a massive freeway link, and the AGHS has objected to this unacceptable incursion into public parkland.

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