The Beale diaries: a precious record of early colonial garden making        Tim Gatehouse
Early diaries provide valuable primary sources for garden historians, but few are as early, informative, or charmingly illustrated as that of Anthony Beale, resident in Melbourne from the late 1830s.
Transplanted Australians: eucalypts in the Land of the Long White Cloud        Annette Bainbridge
Australian eucalypts were important early introductions into colonial New Zealand landscapes, with many diarists noting their physical and emotional impact.
Patterns in plant popularity 1850-2010: description of a novel database        Anna Wilson & Joslin L. Moore
A new database, recording quantitative and qualitative information about garden plant popularity in Victoria from 1850 to 2010, is revealing fresh information about our garden preferences.
Edna Walling, Jean Galbraith, and ‘The Harvest of a Quiet Eye’        Meredith Fletcher
Garden designer Edna Walling and garden writer and botanist Jean Galbraith enjoyed a long correspondence, including materials for an unpublished manuscript ‘The Harvest of a Quiet Eye’.
Remembering Richard Clough        Colleen Morris, Craig Burton, Helen Armstrong, Richard Aitken & Megan Martin
Five Australian Garden History Society members reflect on the influence of Richard Clough (1921-2014), whose life and work contributed inestimably to Australian garden history.
Albany conference report        Gina Plate
The 2014 Australian Garden History Society annual national conference held in Albany was a resounding success, mixing stimulating lectures, diverse gardens and landscapes, and convivial company.
Museum musings: Blond vegetables        Richard Heathcote
Profile: Julie Collins
A profile of Julie Collins, member of the Editorial Advisory Committee of Australian Garden History.
Conserving heritage: a new age of activism        Jessica Hood & Felicity Watson
A recent Australia ICOMOS symposium posed the question: has the time come for a new age of activism?

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