‘Endless pleasure’ – the first Australian Gardening Museum exhibition        Richard Heathcote
Thirty years after the gift of Carrick Hill, South Australia, how better to commence the program of the newly established Australian Museum of Gardening than with an exhibition about how Australians have enjoyed gardens and gardening, as depicted by artists, illustrators, designers and artisans.
The Betty Ramsay house        Victoria Grounds
Fewer know of the design work of Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin on Ranelagh Estate, Victoria. A house built for Betty Ramsay on the Estate is currently undergoing restoration.
Scotland’s Gardens and Landscape Heritage        Judy Riley
The Scottish Group of the Garden History Society and the Garden History Society itself are becoming new organisations. Scotland’s Garden and Landscape Heritage came into existence on 16 May 2015 and is setting out to champion Scotland’s garden and landscape heritage and attract new members.
Sydney University’s early landscape – ET Blacket’s brush withCambridge?        Geoffrey Britton
Within Victoria Park (near City Road) and along part of the eastern approach to Sydney University are the vestiges of a bold campus landscape concept with its origins in the 1850s.
The fungal garden        Alison Pouliot
This photographic essay examines a little known and often misunderstood component of gardens and other landscapes, fungi.
Thomas Pockett’s gardens        William Orange
Many Melburnians will be familiar with the names of the likes of William Guilfoyle and Carlo Catani. Thomas Pockett has largely been forgotten, in spite of his modest but significant opus of executed designs of municipal gardens in the eastern and southeastern suburbs of Melbourne.
A look at some Australian botanic gardens        Sarah Rutherford
As well as functioning as scientific institutions for the study of botany, botanic gardens have artistic and social purposes. Australia’s botanic gardens welcome visitors and introduce them to
myriad forms of the plant world.
‘Trees – Natural and Cultural Values’ forum        Janet Bolitho
An overview of the very successful AGHS forum was held in Melbourne on Friday 29 May 2015.
Stirling Tree Forum report        Caroline Grant
The Stirling Urban Tree Forum, held on 8 June 2015, looked at urban forest initiatives in Western Australia.

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