Glen Wilson, landscape architect and garden designer        Bronwen Thomas
Glen Wilson worked in landscape design and construction for almost 50 years. Influenced by Edna Walling and Bernhardt Schubert, he was one of the earliest landscape designers to promote the bush garden concept.

The ‘Old Garden’ at Wombat Park        Anne Vale
The buildings, grounds and notable tree plantings of the historic property Wombat Park in central Victoria are listed by the National Trust. Beginning in the 1850s William Stanbridge created an outstanding garden.

Extant trees and shrubs in Wombat Park’s ‘Old Garden’        Miffy Gilbert
Miffy Gilbert conducted a survey of the garden at Wombat Park in 1994. AGHS (Vic) has commissioned Miffy to review and extend this survey.

What has happened to the Australian backyard        Tony Hall
Until the end of the 1980s, nearly all suburban houses in Australia had large backyards. Today, there is a trend to smaller lot size in Australia, but it is the increase in the dwelling area, rather than the decrease in the lot size, that has led to shrinking suburban gardens?

The shrinking of NZ’s quarter-acre paradise        Colin Jamieson
From colonial times most New Zealand houses had backyard vegetable gardens providing cheap and fresh produce. Since the mid-20th century the productive quarter-acre garden has become an increasingly less common – and apparently less desirable – goal.

Jardin Alfred Kahn        Lyndsey Poore
The Jardin Albert Kahn in Paris’s western suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt is more than a century old. The garden has re-created areas of contrasting landscapes from around the world, and the Kahn museum and archives hold a remarkable collection of early colour photographs.

Wassailing, national parks and peopling cultural landscapes        Paulette Wallace
How should we conceive of and manage cultural landscapes in Australia? A Tasmanian midwinter festival inspires reflections on the meaning of ‘cultural landscapes’, and on the use of this concept in management policies in the US, Canada and Australia, especially in national parks.

Camellia Ark        Stephen Utick
Australia’s camellia heritage is the focus of a proposed new national association, Camellia Ark.

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