Recollections in tranquillity        Marion Halligan
Tranquillity is often a word associated with gardens. Author Marion Halligan looks back on gardens she has owned and others she has known.
The botanic gardens of Padua        Liz Truswell
One of the major attractions of Padua, northern Italy, is its botanic garden, described as the oldest university botanic garden in the world.
Golden Vale – a garden revealed by pictures        Peter Watts
Golden Vale near Berrima, NSW, was settled by an emancipated convict, Michael Hogan, in 1825. The main evidence of its history dates from about 1868, when the extant two-storey homestead was built by Edward and Mary Ann Carter. But the discovery of a photograph taken soon after the house was built, and another later in the century, together with an album of photographs from 1938-43, revealed a very different early garden. In fact what is now garden was mostly paddock until 1938.
Charles Joseph La Trobe’s garden (Part 1)        Sandra Pullman
A dedicated group of volunteers has been working hard to improve the garden at La Trobe’s Cottage in Melbourne, and make it resemble the romantic wild garden Charles La Trobe created before he returned to England in 1854.
Married life in a New Zealand garden        Annette Bainbridge
The married life of two great characters, John and Emily Acland, is one of the best documented examples of a cooperative garden partnership in early New Zealand history. Both were keen gardeners and plant collectors, and their happy marriage found its ultimate expression in the creation and maintenance of the gardens at Mt Peel Station. The development of Emily and John’s relationship from the 1850s onwards can be traced through diaries and letters. From the beginning it was intertwined with the progress of the garden.
Lichens in the garden – and attic        Alison Pouliot
Although often overlooked, lichens are integral members of gardens. Lichens not only delight and charm, but perform vital ecological functions.
Not just for looking at        Matthew Higgins
Gardens are one place where people have a close relationship with plants. But these relationships happen in other places too, where they can be quite different and can change significantly over time. This article looks at the uses of some native plants by Indigenous and European Australians before the declaration of parks and reserves from the mid-20th century onwards.
Botany Bay to Kew        Alice Allan
The UK’s love of Australian plants is no new fashion. It had its beginnings in Britain’s first contact with the elusive ‘southern continent’.

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