Margaret Olley: the subject is flowers        Glenn Cooke
Margaret Olley is one of the most affectionately regarded of Australian artists. Her still life and interior paintings attracted wide appreciation by the public. Although she produced landscapes and townscapes in the early part of her career, interiors and flower studies effectively dominated her production.

New Zealand Fernside        Clare Shearman
The property of Fernside is an estate in one of New Zealand’s great farming districts, the South Wairarapa. In the early 20th century Fernside’s owners the Elgars created a magnificent garden, which declined in glory during the mid-20th century. Since 2007, inspired by its history and significance, the current owners have recreated Fernside garden’s splendour, both through preservation and with new works.

Memorial avenues        Stuart Read and John P Adam
Some 10% of New Zealand’s 1914 population – about 103,000 troops and nurses – served overseas in World War 1. Soldiers’ avenues or memorial avenues were planted across the country as a positive way to remember and honour the losses. Public monuments and single tree plantings were more common than parks or avenues.

Kentgrove: from production to preservation        Claire Baddeley
Since its establishment in the mid‑19th century ‘Kentgrove’ in Goulburn has combined its gardens, specimen trees and orchards with rural industry, pastoral development and decline, colourful owners and glamourous guests. Although a private garden, it reveals much about the fortunes and garden history of south‑eastern regional New South Wales.

Chooks, trombones and tomatoes        Julie Holbrook Tolley
During World War 2, internment camps in Australia were constructed for those who were considered a threat to national security. Internees at Loveday in South Australia produced commercial quantities of vegetables, seeds, opium poppy, pyrethrum, and pigs and chickens.

Sweet briar or eglantine        John Dwyer
Celebrated by English poets from Shakespeare to TS Eliot, sweet briar or eglantine has long been held in affectionate regard by many. In Australia and New Zealand, it is also now a significant weed.

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