Missing voices        Zena Cumpston
When it comes to strategies of environmental management in Australia, the voices and aspirations which have been largely missing, both historically and contemporaneously, are the voices and aspirations of Australia’s First Peoples.

Professor Emeritus David Yencken AO        Peter Watts and Max Bourke
David Yencken AO (3 June 1931–21 September 2019) holds a special place in the history of the AGHS.

The garden of birds       Russell McGregor
Alec Chisholm’s books all reiterated the primary message, that Australians must cultivate a ‘fraternal attitude towards birds if we as a nation are to develop any real measure of alliance with our native earth’. In his third book, Nature fantasy in Australia (1932), he exemplified that theme in an affectionate portrayal of Mr Harry Wolstenholme, ‘the Birdman of Wahroonga’.

The master gardener: TR Garnett        Andrew Lemon
In the 1980s the Garden of St Erth became famous and was visited by thousands. Garden writers, travel writers, letter writers were among the plentiful visitors. They vied to capture its charms which were always found to be inseparable from the personalities of its creators.

The plantain        John Dwyer
Plantains (Plantago) have a rich cultural history. The varied associations of humans with plantain species over the centuries demonstrate that the dividing line between the plant as a weed and the plant as a crop for fodder, food or medicine has been ill-defined and changeable.

What is a cultural landscape?       Anne Claoue-Long
The Australian Garden History Society aims to promote awareness and conservation of significant gardens and cultural landscapes through engagement, research, advocacy and activities. But what exactly is a cultural landscape?

AGHS 2019 conference report        Zoë Heine
Reflections on the AGHS’s conference in October 2019 in Wellington, New Zealand, provide both an interesting summary for those who attended, and offer a glimpse into the event for those who could not attend.

AGHS NZ conference – Post-conference tour, North Island        Caroline Grant
The three-day tour of the lower North Island following the AGHS’s conference in October 2019 in Wellington, New Zealand, gave an excellent introduction to the landscape and gardens of New Zealand.

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