The Bundian Way: A shared Aboriginal and European history         Warren Foster
The Bundian Way is an ancient pathway spanning a remarkable variety of bush landscapes, across plains and mountain ranges, between Turemulerrer (Twofold Bay) and Targangal (Mount Kosciuszko). In 2010 the Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council was funded through the national Indigenous Heritage Program to survey the Bundian Way on foot, to identify the route and its Aboriginal landscapes. Over many trips, John Blay, naturalist, poet and the Bundian Way’s project officer, led survey groups, each of about six Aboriginal people, along the entire route to examine its many facets, including its flora and fauna. A NSW Heritage listing followed in December 2012.


South Australia’s champion tree: A Sequoia sempervirens in the Adelaide Hills        Jeff Jenkinson
A Sequoia sempervirens in the garden of St Vigeans, a State Heritage-listed historic house and garden in the Adelaide Hills, may only be about 130 years old, but is a champion tree.


100 years in the making: From a young boy’s hobby to an exceptional addition to the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria        Tim Entwisle
In November 2020, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria opened a new Arid Garden featuring more than 3,000 cacti and succulents. These plants have a remarkable story behind them, beginning with a young boy’s hobby over 100 years ago, then an expedition in South America, a collection in regional Victoria and the passing down from father to son of a passion for these resilient and distinctive plants.


Heritage, roses and art in leafy Subiaco        Andrea Whitley
It is said a house sometimes selects its owners rather than the other way around. That is certainly true of Fairview and the rose garden that envelopes her. There have only been four owners of this picturesque Queen Anne villa built in 1915, whose front entrance garden has been nominated for listing on the Local Heritage Scheme (LHS) for the City of Subiaco because of its strong links to the home’s first three owners.


Putting hawthorn hedges to work: Introducing a modern hedgelayer        Francesca Beddie
James Boxhall is the only Australian accredited by the National Hedgelaying Society in the United Kingdom and is an accomplished advocate for a technique known at least since Roman times.


The Botanic Endeavour: The Florilegium Society celebrates the Banks and Solander collection        Colleen Morris and Beverly Allen

Between 28 April and 5 May 1770 British naturalist Joseph Banks, Swedish botanist Dr Daniel Solander, Finnish assistant naturalist Herman Sporing and Scottish artist Sydney Parkinson explored and botanised around Kamay Botany Bay. They pressed specimens, 833 of which eventually found their way to the National Herbarium of New South Wales. These are the inspiration for Botanic Endeavour, an exhibition presented by the Florilegium Society at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.


For the bookshelf – Saffron: A Global History        Jacqueline Newling
Saffron: A Global History by Ramin Ganeshram captures much of the reverence and mystique associated with saffron, the delicate stigmas plucked from the flowers of Crocus sativus, from antiquity to the present.


For the bookshelf – Will Purdom: Agitator, plant-hunter, forester        Trevor Nottle
Will Purdom: Agitator, plant-hunter, forester by Francois Gordon, is a biography of the career of Will Purdom.


Remarkable Gardens        Dennis McManus
Yarrabin the former home of Australian garden history pioneers Tim and Keva North. Yarrabin is a beautiful 1951 house in a woodland garden in Bowral, NSW.


Profile: John Viska – chairman of AGHS’s West Australian branch        Patsy Vizents


Obituary: Conservation landscape architect Warwick Mayne-Wilson        Stuart Reed and Colleen Morris


Stories from the AGHS National Oral History Collection: Ian Carroll

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