The ‘lost garden’ of north Queensland: The fortunes of Paronella Park        Liz Chappell
Paronella Park near Innisfail, Queensland, was one man’s dream, created as a celebration of nature, then destroyed by the forces of the elements. Abandoned for nearly 20 years, nature reclaimed the site. Now it has been rediscovered by another family with a dream. Mark and Judy Evans have restored Paronella Park with a gentle touch, respecting the patina of its history.

The Mt Crawford Prison Garden, Wellington, New Zealand: A place for learning and reflection        Clare Gleeson
From 1926 until 2012 the garden at Mt Crawford Prison was cultivated by guests of His or Her Majesty, growing food for the prison kitchen as well as those caged in Wellington Zoo Now a community garden, reminders of its sombre past are all around those who till the soil there today.

Kamesburgh estate, Brighton, Melbourne: Who did what?        Trevor Pitkin
When Kamesburgh was built in 1874, it was the largest and most grand property in the beachside suburb of Brighton in Melbourne. It has never been surpassed and stands in 2023 as a significant marker of Brighton’s history, comprising an intact example of a fully integrated gentleman’s city mansion and Victorian garden that displays the influence of both Picturesque and Gardenesque design styles.

The commercial nurseries of Exeter: The right place for seeds and bulbs        Linda Emery
A growing interest in home gardening in the latter years of the 19th century led to the establishment of two commercial nursery gardens at Exeter, NSW, 140 km south of Sydney. Prominent plantsmen Arthur Yates and Frederick Searl recognised the suitability of the soils and climate for developing seed and bulb-raising properties in the area to support their Sydney businesses.

Thorn apple and love apple: Plants of poison and allure        John Dwyer
Thorn apple (Datura stramonium), a member of the Solanaceae family, is just one of several solanaceous plants with an intriguing history.

For the bookshelf: The Earth Transformed: An Untold Story by Peter Frankopa   Review by Tim Entwisle
The Earth Transformed demonstrates at length that the natural environment has changed and influenced human and world history.

Advocacy: Working for recognition of the Hunter Valley’s heritage vineyards        Francesca Beddie and Stuart Read
Vineyards are beginning to attract serious attention in heritage circles. The Hunter Valley Wine and Tourism Association (HVWTA) is seeking, as a precursor to national and world heritage listing, NSW state heritage listing of the Hunter Valley wine landscape, which includes some of the world’s oldest remaining Syrah vine rootstock.

Vale Chris Betteridge

AGHS national oral history collection: Dr Stephen Utick
Dr Stephen Utick, co-founder of the Camellia Ark Australia, which aims to conserve Australia’s rarest camellias, and Chair of the International Camellia Society’s (ICS) Committee for Historic Camellia Conservation.


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