Author: Ann Somers

Five Gardens in the Corroboree Park Precinct, Ainslie, ACT


  • Preface and Acknowledgments
  • Background
    • Iris and Keith Carnall’s Garden
    • Harold Begent’s Garden
    • Peg Norris’ Garden
    • Norma and Tom Gribble’s Garden
    • Mavis and Don O’Reilly’s Garden
  • Conclusion
  • References

Corroboree Park precinct is a special neighborhood in Canberra, loved by its residents and by the many Canberrans who regularly pass through or visit it. The precinct is defined by its distinctive and graceful design. Narrow crescent roads radiate in symmetrical pairs on either side of the semi-circular park, stylish little weatherboard cottages are set on large blocks in attractive streetscapes, and the whole is richly planted with a mix of evergreen, deciduous, native and exotic trees. The magnificent plantings of white trunked eucalypts within and surrounding the park, the stunning springtime array of flowering plums alternating with pencil pines in some of the crescents, or the orange bursts of silky oak flowering in summer along other crescents, are indeed memorable.

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