The West Australian Branch is pleased to announce that Historic Gardens of Perth: European Settlement to Modernism is now available for purchase.

With approximately 200 hundred pages of historic photographs, maps, plans, artworks and text, Historic Gardens of Perth: European settlement to Modernism, is the first publication to deal solely with the history of gardens in Western Australia.

The book is the result of research for two exhibitions presented by the West Australian branch of the Australian Garden History Society in 2011 and 2018. Written by members of the Society which include professional historians, horticulturalists, landscape architects and cultural heritage practitioners, the book is informative and visually appealing. Not only will it prove invaluable to garden heritage professionals, but also to the wider public with an interest in gardens and heritage.

Encompassing approximately 130 years, each chapter includes an historical overview of the era, with many previously unpublished images, and a summary of the style of gardens that were popular during that period. The book is complemented by a plant list appendix denoting the species available to gardeners in Western Australia over that time.

All proceeds from the publication will go back to the community as grants to assist in garden restoration projects for heritage listed properties.





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