John Viska Oct-2018

John Viska

Interview Recording   Interview Transcript John Viska, interviewed 11 October 2018 by Patsy Vizents   Synopsis John Viska is the current Chairman of the WA branch of the Australian Garden History Society and has held the position three times. He […]

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC, DBE

Interview Recording   Interview Transcript Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC, DBE, interviewed 9 September 2002 by Jane Holth   Synopsis Dame Elisabeth Murdoch was interviewed on 9 September 2002, by Jane Holth, for the Australian Garden History Society Oral History Collection. […]

AGHS National Oral History Project

In 2001, as the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Society approached, the Australian Garden History Society initiated a program of oral histories (the National Oral History Collection). Some branches of the Society have also conducted interviews within their […]