CAL Payments

Many AGHS members have written articles for the Society’s Journal and other publications over past years. Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) monitors (photo-) copying of material in libraries and academic institutions, and collects fees on behalf of the authors. We have recently been receiving payments from CAL on your behalf.

If you have been a contributor to the Journal or Studies you may be entitled to a payment, which we will transfer to you on receipt of your banking details. Although many of these payments (approx. 100) are less than $5.You may consider donating your payment to the Society, this would minimise our administrative costs and assist the Society in furthering its aims.

UPDATE: CAL payments received by AGHS before 30 August 2013 which have not been claimed or donated will be transferred as donations to the AGHS on March 30 2015.
Authors can complete a claim form at anytime and payments after August 2013 will be held for at least 2 years.

If you would like to know how much money might be yours, please email Elizabeth Teed at
If you have been a contributor please complete the CAL Payment form via the Download button.