New book: Illustrated Plant Glossary

The Illustrated Plant Glossary (CSIRO Publishing, 2021, $69.99) by Enid Mayfield is a comprehensive glossary of over 4000 terms related to plant sciences, featuring many superb colour illustrations to aid understanding. AGHS Patron and Director, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Tim Entwisle likes it:

‘A good botanical glossary – and by good, I mean one that is both useful and used often – is a potent mix of art and science. In this case, the art is both literal, through Enid Mayfield’s beautifully soft and precise watercolours, and in the exquisite way the definitions are crafted and presented. The science of course is in the detail, and this is exceptional. The result is more than a charming addition to my bookshelf. It will now unseat my previous glossary of choice (from Kew Gardens no less) and sit proudly beside Benjamin Daydon Jackson’s A Glossary of Botanic Terms, a masterwork of science but not of art.’