2013 AGHS & UWA Tree Forum Papers


Papers presented at the   WA Tree Forum 2013.

Table of Contents

Trees as Markers in the Cultural Landscape – Professor Jane Lennon (Melbourne University, ICOMOS expert)

Valuing and Maintaining the Urban Forest – Dr Greg Moore (University of Melbourne)

Australia’s Public Trees – Adjunct Professor Craig Burton (University of Western Australia)

The Norfolk Island Pine, Araucaria heterophylla: an historical perspective – John Viska (AGHS WA)

The Urban Forest: Tuart, the Tree and the Forest – Greg Keighery (Department of Environment and Conservation)

The Emergence of Green Space in Town Planning – Don Newman

Challenges to Establishing Urban Tree Cover in the 21st Century – Peter Ciemitis

Tree Success Stories and Strategies – NSW and elsewhere – Stuart Read (AGHS NSW)

Streets as Open Space – Professor Tony Blackwell (University of Western Australia; Blackwell and Associates)

Beautiful TREES: An Interactive Tool to Safeguard Our Urban Forest – Simon Kilbane (University of Technology, Sydney)