2022 Annual National Conference – Hobart

Landscape on the Edge: Challenge and Opportunity

42nd national conference, Hobart, November 2022

The conference lectures took a broad perspective on our environmental, landscape and garden history, delving back into the big history of geology and Tasmania’s Gondwana connection; Tasmanian Aboriginal land management and use of plants; early French exploration and the creation of the French garden at Recherche Bay; colonial landscapes and gardens; interpretation of landscape history through art and the contemporary challenge and opportunity of landscape conservation in a changing climate. The accompanying garden visits showcased some of the gardens and themes of the lectures.

Read a summation of the conference here.

Trish Hodge, a proud palawa woman, welcomed delegates to the conference
photo Francesca Beddie

You can access the conference sessions here:

AGHS Conference Day 1 Opening Session

AGHS Conference Day 1 Second Session

AGHS Conference Day 2 First Session

AGHS Conference Day 2 Second Session

AGHS Conference Day 3 First session

AGHS Conference Day 3 Second Session


Delegates being entertained before the conference dinner
photo Francesca Beddie

And here’s a Hobart visual record of the conference and garden visits.