Pialligo Redwood Forest

This video tells the history of the unusual Pialligo Redwood plantation in Canberra, recently stressed by drought and then by bushfire. Luckily the Sequoia trees are resilient and regrowth is already visible, ensuring the trees and their important heritage values will survive into the future.

Trevor Lipscombe, our narrator, is an ACT National Trust heritage walks organiser who recently led a hike through the forest with fellow Trust member Linda Roberts. AGHS video facilitators Bronwyn Blake (working in Pialligo) and Anne Claoue-Long (who lives nearby) both saw the smoke from the Redwood forest fire in early February 2020 and thought you’d like the story about this unique planting of rather unlucky trees which are trying their best to survive under the adverse circumstances of Australia’s hot dry climate.

Duration: 4 minutes.