A Gardener’s City: Canberra’s Garden Heritage

Canberra, the Garden City and Capital of Australia is recognised as one of the best examples in the world of a planned city. It has millions of mature trees and other plantings in what was an unforgiving limestone plain, providing allees, avenues, parks, public gardens and open spaces,all against a backdrop of enveloping hills, defining the exceptional character of Canberra. Adding to this beauty and an integral part of the whole are the gardens, large and small that have been made by the people of Canberra. ‘A Gardener’s City, Canberra’s Garden Heritage’ tells this story. ‘A Gardener’s City, Canberra’s Garden Heritage’ was conceived, written and produced by long-time member of the AGHS Brian Voce who was encouraged and helped by then Canberra branch president Max Bourke.

Trisha Dixon, well-known writer, photographer and gardener, who has contributed so very much to the AGHS, was involved from the start and is the presenter of the film.

Duration: 26 minutes.