Fifty years of the UK’s Garden History free online

The UK Garden Trust’s journal Garden History was first published by the Garden History Society in 1972. It quickly became a highly respected source of original research for the emerging discipline of garden history. Now the Gardens Trust have published a special anniversary edition, both in print and online, to mark its 50th year.

Garden History is the ‘go to’ journal for established garden history academics, as well as a place where students and knowledgeable amateurs can share their peer-reviewed research. It covers every aspect of the history of parks, gardens and landscape from the earliest known gardens up to the twentieth century. Research like this is not only of academic interest. It provides vital evidence for the appropriate protection and restoration of significant gardens and landscapes, and inspires the gardeners and designers who look after them.

The anniversary journal revisits 13 papers from every decade of the past 50 years, updating them with new perspectives from today as well as pairs of articles on:

medieval plantmanship (John H Harvey and David Jacques),

the gardens of Versailles (Christopher Thacker and Sally Jeffery)

John Evelyn’s writing on garden design (Peter H Goodchild and John Dixon Hunt)

the Renaissance Garden (Roy Strong and Paula Henderson)

an overview of the Picturesque (Mavis Batey and Michael Symes)

the Corbusian Landscape (Jan Woudstra and Elain Harwood)

the Neo-classical gardens of Ian Hamilton Finlay (Patrick Eyres).


Browse or search the essays on the dedicated Garden Trust  website.