UPDATED! Call for proposals: National ‘Landscapes At Risk: Watch & Action’ List

‘Landscapes At Risk: Watch & Action’ List

At National Management Committee meeting in June 2015 it was decided to prepare a list of ‘Landscapes at Risk’, as part of our mission to promote awareness and conservation of significant gardens and cultural landscapes through engagement, research, advocacy and activities should be developed.  This has lead to the development of a ‘Watch & Action’ list.

The criteria for ‘at risk’ are as follows:

  • active current threat (development approved/ lack of heritage listing or consideration of landscape heritage, lack of protection during development)
  • potential future threat (development, neglect, poor management)
  • lack of champions (community protest, unaware, Council/manager uninterested)

This list is being compiled by the National office to be promoted to the public with the aim to strengthen the advocacy work of Australian Garden History Society across Australia. The Landscapes at Risk has been updated to 12th August 2023.

We are asking that you read through the list and let us know your thoughts and recommend places that you think should be on a the list. Please email your suggestions and comments to info@gardenhistorysociety.org.au.

Image: View of West Lake Burley Griffin, Courtesy of Lake Burley Griffin Guardians. Photographer Juliet Ramsay.