Plants of the Simpson Desert

As a supplement to her article ‘Major plant collectors in the Simpson Desert, 1879–1979’, in Australian Garden History, vol. 33, no. 3, January 2022, Rosemary Purdie has documented the first century of plant collecting in the Simpson Desert. The article can […]


Further to the article Putting hawthorn hedges to work: introducing a modern hedgelayer  in the July 2021 issue of Australian Garden History, John Dwyer discusses the place of Crataegus oxycantha L. (white hawthorn) and C. monogyna Jacq. (red hawthorn) in […]

Silent Space Movement

This article by Liz Ware, garden writer and historian, member of the Garden Media Guild and a former trustee of The Association of Gardens Trusts (now The Gardens Trust), explains her Silent Space initiative to encourage public gardens to reserve an […]