Climate change adaptation guidance from the International National Trusts Organisation

For caretakers and managers of historic and beautiful places

Together with other heritage organisations, National Trust experts are creating a range of guidance for the owners and managers of historic and beautiful places. This guidance is available for any person or organisation looking after such places to help them build resilience against climate change and how to take decisions in the face of climate hazards.

Each guidance section includes summary information about different asset types and activity associated with historic estates and landscapes, and provides hazard, impact and options tables for potential climate threats and how and when to respond to these. The sections of each part of the guidance, divided into asset categories, also provide case studies and detail on options and thresholds for change to how and when adaptation measures may be implemented, along with advice on permissions and consents required where statutory obligations apply.

New guidance documents will become available over the course of  2023.

National Trust – Climate change adaptation guidance – The International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) | The International National Trusts Organisation (INTO)